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Rent instead of buying!


Software for rent / annually cancellable




Rental price

incl. maintenance,

can be canceled annually

Purchase rent

incl. maintenance,

1. - 5. Years

  Purchase price


can be canceled annually

TrimFox Roof


60,- € / Month

100,- € / Month

3.490,- €

360,- € / Year

TrimFox Wall


40,- € / Month

70,- € / Month

2.490,- €

240,- € / Year

TrimFox Joinery machine interface for these machines: Hundegger (all), Schmidler (all), Mafell Aba, Essetre, Krüsi, Weinmann.


30,- € / Month

70,- € / Month

2.490,- €

240,- € / Year


Conditions for rent

Conditions for hire purchanse

Conditions for buy


Until the end of the master class, we offer our carpentry program TrimFox, the full version, to master students of carpentry.We only need proof of training. Pupil / student version (only with valid ID) on request.


  • Installation via remote maintenance is free.
  • Training and installation at customer by arrangement, local area 400,- €. Online instruction 120,- €/hour.
  • If you book a training course within 2 weeks after the signature date of the contract, we offer it for 200,- € in-house.- €
  • TrimFox can be installed as often as you like and can be used on different hardware. The amount of required program packages (licenses) is calculated as follows:
    The decisive factor is the number of employees who use
    TrimFox and others. on the other hand the amount of hardware on which the software is to be installed. Depending on which of the two components is lower, this determines the number of program packages (licenses) to be purchased.
  • Second licenses only cost 20 % of the first license.
  • The annual TrimFox update is free. Likewise, the interim updates from our website.
  • With purchase rent and rent, payment is made semi-annually in advance by direct debit.
  • After purchase, maintenance payment is made annually in advance by direct debit.
  • All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.
  • Subject to price changes!


Rent instead of buy! The modern software reference model

  • Rental software protects your liquidity and increases your flexibility at the same time.
  • The investment volume for renting is significantly lower than for buying.
  • The costs of using the software are fixed and completely transparent, you know them in advance.
  • You can adjust the number of software workstations to your needs at any time, upwards or downwards.
  • Since you do not buy the software, it is not shown as a fixed asset on the balance sheet.
  • You can immediately claim the monthly rent for tax purposes.
  • If you decide to buy within the first year, we will subtract the rent already paid from the purchase price.
  • Your software is always up to date.
  • Support and Updates inclusive!